Career Advice

To increase your chances of being a crew on a Super Yacht and getting the Captain to pick up the phone to speak to you whether you are a seasoned crew member or breaking into the super yacht industry competition in this elite industry can be tough.

The best way to shine and be a winner is to show off your Experience, Qualifications, Capability, Transferable Skills, Reputation and essentially your Passion for Yachting

This list will help all job seekers:

1. CV’s should be in Times Roman 12, no fancy fonts, boxes etc. Use tab instead of space. Your skills and qualifications will make the greater impression!

2. A good quality head and shoulder photograph might be the difference between a Super Yacht or Not! Your photograph is your shop window, a good hair cut, clean shaven, a great smile and no sunglasses. We want to see your eyes! Often the best photographs show a crew member looking professional and in uniform.

3. Your Job Title & Marine License next to your name.

4. Details of relevant Marine Licenses scanned and available.

5. Details of relevant Safety Courses scanned and available.

6. Medical certificate ENG1 scanned and available.

7. All certificates, passports, visas up to date scanned and available.

8. All references traceable telephone and email…make sure you have all your references in chronological order, contact info available and written references scanned and available.

9. Lastly don’t forget to spell check your CV before sending it!!