Superyacht Engineer Interview Questions and How to Answer Them

Interviews – whether you love them or loathe them one thing is for sure and that is that there will be some questions! These aren’t always intended to “trip you up”, it’s a chance to get to know the person and a chance for the interviewee to shine. Here we have provided some popular questions […]

Creating the Perfect CV for Superyacht Jobs

Creating the perfect CV can be a challenge, so we’ve created this blog post to give you some tips/advice on the topic. Read our guide to writing the perfect CV Essential CV creation tips We have created a bulleted list of the main tips you’ll need to create that perfect CV: ⦁ Brevity – keep […]

Preventing Crew Turnover

A common issue in the maritime sector, and specifically the yacht industry, is the high turnover of crew in lower ranks. A high volume of crew turnover is far from ideal for everyone involved with disadvantages including owners having to introduce themselves to new faces on a frequent basis, repetition of training/development and a decreased […]


I remember my first ever engineering watch at sea, leaving the control room in the early hours and time for another round of checks in the engine room. On opening the main door the first thing that hit me was the heat, noise and the sight of fuel spraying from a split high pressure fuel […]