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How to find your next superyacht job online – without walking the docks

Finding your first or next superyacht job can be a challenge. For many, the temptation is to walk the docks (which we admit can be effective), but you can’t be everywhere at once! Here we provide some tips/advice on finding your next superyacht job online. Dockwalking Walking the docks (or dockwalking) in ports such as […]

Why choosing the right superyacht recruitment agency is so important

The world of superyachts is a niche one, agencies recruiting in the space need to understand this world and all its idiosyncrasies and specialisms! Sadly, it’s a fact, choose the wrong recruitment agency and you are unlikely to find the best job suited to your skills. Read on to learn more here about how to […]

Why use the J4Crew App? – Here are some great reasons

As an aid to all job hunters, J4Crew have created the J4Crew app. In this article, we explore the app and discuss why it’s an ideal ally to use in your next job hunt, as well as provide info about where you can download it from. Try the J4Crew app, there is nothing to lose […]

Superyacht Engineer Interview Questions and How to Answer Them

Interviews – whether you love them or loathe them one thing is for sure and that is that there will be some questions! These aren’t always intended to “trip you up”, it’s a chance to get to know the person and a chance for the interviewee to shine. Here we have provided some popular questions […]